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Affordable Legal Services

LivelihoodNYC offers legal services on a sliding scale so that you can put that money to better use.

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CLE Cooperative

LivelihoodNYC facilitates the CLE Cooperative, a lawyer owned cooperative business providing continuing legal education with a focus on economic justice and the new economy.

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Public Education

LivelihoodNYC provides public educational seminars to help spread awareness about options for working and developing businesses in an economy that emphasizes cooperation over competition.

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Work that puts your life (lively) and your community (hood) first

Legal Services

Livelihood NYC helps people build businesses in the new economy by providing affordable, informed legal services. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs that are committed to putting people and communities first. By providing legal services on a sliding scale ($75-$150 per hour), we hope to give your business the support it needs so that it can provide not just […]

Cooperative Support

Livelihood NYC supports cooperatives through the entire process of organization, formation, and operating as a business. Our lawyers has experience consulting and drafting contracts to help make sure your cooperative is democratically governed and built to last. Currently, Livelihood NYC is incubating the CLE Cooperative, a democratically managed business focused on providing legal education for […]


LivelihoodNYC provides public seminars to help spread awareness about options for working and developing businesses in the new economy.

CLE Cooperative

Livelihood NYC currently incubates the CLE Cooperative, a worker-owned business that provides continuing legal education (CLE) with a focus on supporting sustainable economies. Members of the CLE Cooperative are encouraged to teach CLEs to other members and are given access to discounted CLEs provided by other lawyers in the cooperative. Many of the programs organized by the […]

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Community Builders

Every Month, Livelihood NYC profiles a person or organization that is doing the kind of work that we want to support. Whether they are offering jobs that provide a healthy work/life balance, forming a worker owned cooperative, or supporting small businesses, Community Builders are the people that keep their neighborhoods strong, connected, and lively. Check […]

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